Estate agency shops with “CPD Mark”


As estate agents play a very important role in property transactions which usually involve a large amount of money, they should keep abreast of the latest industry knowledge and developments and commit themselves to self-enhancement through life-long learning, so as to provide professional services to their clients.

Among the “5A qualities” (namely “Adherence”, “Ability”, “Accountability”, “Advancement” and “Affinity”) that a professional estate agent should possess, “Advancement” is one of the crucial factors that helps increase an estate agent’s competence. In fact, according to the Code of Ethics issued by the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”), estate agents should keep themselves informed of any laws, government regulations, essential facts and developments in the real estate market in order to be in a position to advise their clients in a responsible manner.

To enhance the professional standard and competence of estate agents, the EAA organises various seminars under the Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Scheme for estate agents to participate in. The CPD seminars not only specialise in the areas related to estate agency laws and regulations but also consist of other practical and useful subjects that contribute to enhancing the professional knowledge of the estate agency trade. 

In order to encourage the owners/management of estate agency shops to inspire their staff to participate in more CPD seminars, the EAA launched the “CPD Mark for Estate Agencies Award Scheme” (“CPD Mark”) in 2008. Under this scheme, holders of an agency shop with 80% or more of their employed licensees (including the branch manager) having been awarded the CPD Attainment Certificate for a CPD period (i.e. obtaining 12 CPD points within the period) are eligible to apply for a “CPD Mark”.

For those estate agency shops who are holders of the CPD Mark, they can decal the CPD Mark at their awarded agency shops and print the CPD Mark on their promotional documents or employees’ business cards for consumers’ identification within the validity period.

The CPD Mark is a recognition for those agency shops which cherish continuous professional advancement of their staff. It also helps consumers identify these shops with the CPD Mark which indicates most of their staff have attended a number of CPD seminars. The EAA hopes that it could strengthen public confidence in the practice of practitioners.

Consumers are welcome to check out the most updated list of estate agency shops with the CPD Mark on this website. Please visit:

Ruby Hon
Chief Executive Officer
Estate Agents Authority