Beware of the pitfalls of buying properties with unauthorised building work or illegal alterations


Unauthorised building work may render the property title defective, while potentially saddling buyers with repair or remedial costs Estate agents should remind both parties to seek legal advice before arranging for them to enter into a transaction There was a recent media report about a purchaser’s mortgage application being rejected by local banks as the […]

Why you should research and compare information contained in advertisements by property agents


The recent boom in the first-hand residential property market has helped contribute to an increase in the number of transactions in secondary residential properties. Media reports have shown prospective purchasers queuing up to inspect properties

Exercise care on advertisements and be alert to misrepresentation when buying first-hand residential property


The sale of new residential developments remains the focus of Hong Kong’s property market this year. In this regard, consumers should not solely rely on promotional materials and advertisements when considering a purchase of a first-hand residential property, particularly those posted on social media or lamp posts. They should always be sceptical about promotional messages.

What risks do Hongkongers face while buying uncompleted property abroad?


The risk Hongkongers face is high, especially when properties abroad are still under construction, or are yet to be completed
The EAA does not assist consumers with recovery of losses suffered from property transactions

Hong Kong property agent finds the hard way why it is important to stay on top of mortgage loan rules


  • Property agents should never hastily assure clients on the terms of a loan but instead advise them to consult directly with banks or other professionals
  • Customers should protect their interests by thoroughly reviewing their own financial situation and repayment ability to avoid forfeiting deposits

Hong Kong’s property agents must comply with rules when advertising new homes


  • They must exercise due care before releasing property information to the public and ensure that no misrepresentation is made, writes Ruby Hon, chief executive of the Estate Agents Authority
  • Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action and fines

Hong Kong property agents face ethical duty advising clients on bank valuation, mortgage financing margin


Property transactions in Hong Kong’s primary and secondary markets have been declining due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the prospect of a near-term revival is not promising.

Estate agents should adopt full disclosure to avoid conflict of interests in property transactions


The real estate market thrives on transparency and trust, and agents must not allow any personal interest to conflict with those of their clients.

The importance of conducting a land search when buying or selling property in Hong Kong


  • Buyers should carefully study the land search copy provided by the estate agent before entering into a sales agreement or paying a deposit, warns Ruby Hon of the Estate Agents Authority
  • By understanding the key information about the relevant property, potential risk and loss can be better avoided
    A land search is an important document in a property transaction.
    • It provides the searcher with essential information regarding the property, such as its address, ownership details and encumbrances, if any, that are registered against it.

Why provisional sales, tenancy agreements for property in Hong Kong must be handled with care


  • Consumers must be aware that provisional property agreements are legally binding documents and disputes may easily arise, says Ruby Hon, chief executive of the Estate Agents Authority
  • Failure to fill in the documents correctly can be costly, Hon warns