Not everything rosy in garden for salesman


A salesman introduced a village house with a garden to a prospective purchaser. The purchaser asked if ownership of the garden was included in the sale. The salesman told the purchaser that the garden was sold together with the property. After the second inspection of the property the salesman then arranged for the purchaser to […]

Age is not just a number


A prospective purchaser appointed an estate agent to buy a property, and arrangements were made to have him view the property twice. During both inspections, the agent told the prospective purchaser that the age of the property was 15 years. The agent presented a copy of the land title search, pointing out a Deed of […]

Mortgage assurance fell short of mark


ANY WRONG pointers about a mortgage that is given by an estate agent to a client can lead to trouble. One estate agent showed a first-hand serviced apartment to a prospective purchaser and said she could definitely obtain a mortgage of 85 percent of the purchase price from the lending institution appointed by the developer. […]

Agent checked for leasing own property


LICENSEES should disclose their own personal interests to their clients in relation to the properties they handle. Otherwise, they may be subject to disciplinary action by the Estate Agents Authority. An estate agent arranged for a tenant to enter into a tenancy agreement in a leasing transaction. Throughout the transaction, the tenant had never met […]

Landlord out of the loop


WHEN SOMEONE claims to represent an absent contracting party in a property transaction then estate agents must ensure that such a person has obtained a power of attorney before the parties enter into a sale or purchase deal or a tenancy agreement. A failure to do so can lead to disputes and an agent facing […]

Agent penalized for misleading would-be shopkeeper


ESTATE AGENTS SHOULD not make any misrepresentation to their clients and should protect their interests. Otherwise, they can be subjected to disciplinary action by the Estate Agents Authority. A client, interested in renting a property for her retail business, was offered by an estate agent an “upstairs shop” inside a commercial building. She learned from […]

Special stamp duty demand revealed flaw


ESTATE AGENTS SHOULD be familiar with the government measures covering the property market, not least so they can advise clients properly and fully. If they are not primed for this they could find themselves facing disciplinary action by the Estate Agents Authority. That was the case with a salesperson represented both a purchaser and a […]

Don’t land in trouble over search


ESTATE AGENCY PRACTITIONERS should carry out a land search in respect of the property and supply a copy of it to the purchaser or tenant immediately before a provisional agreement is entered into by the parties. Otherwise, they may be subject to disciplinary action by the Estate Agents Authority. A salesperson represented both the tenant […]

Rapped for firsthand bad advice


AN ESTATE AGENT arranged for a prospective purchaser to inspect one of the remaining unsold units of a completed firsthand residential development. Before proceeding with the purchase, the client was informed by the estate agent she could sign a provisional agreement for sale and purchase using the form normally associated with secondhand transactions, as the […]

Location, location, wrong location


WHEN HANDLING THE sale of firsthand residential properties, estate agents should provide property information to prospective purchasers according to the latest information in the sales brochure provided by the vendor – and they must not make any representation that may mislead the purchasers. Through two estate agents, a couple viewed the show flats of an […]