News you can’t use


When reading a newspaper online, a director of a company came across a report about the transaction of a shop owned by the firm. The report said the shop had been sold and its transaction price was given. The source cited for the information was an estate agency. In fact, the company had not sold […]

Play safe with deposits


An agent was appointed by a prospective purchaser to buy a property. Before the provisional agreement for sale and purchase was entered into, the agent noticed that the property had been mortgaged a number of times and that the vendor had not produced satisfactory evidence of his ability to pay off the mortgages. The property […]

Hoodwinked into a deal


An estate agent assured a prospective purchaser that she could definitely obtain a mortgage amounting to 80 percent of the purchase price, when persuading her to buy a flat at a new residential project. He also told the purchaser that the developer provided a 5 percent discount only to those who buy the flat through […]

Dishing the dirt on overeager agent


An estate agent acted for both the tenant and the landlord in a rental deal. In the course of negotiation, the landlord told the agent that he would not accede to the tenant’s request for a dishwasher. Being eager to conclude the deal, the agent bought a dishwasher out of his own pocket for the […]

Wall of shame


An estate agent acted for both the purchaser and the vendor in a commercial property transaction. Though the agent knew the cockloft inside the property involved unauthorised building works, he did not inform the purchaser of this. Nor did he check whether there was an entry regarding the works registered against the property by conducting […]

Subletting requires landlords consent


In a leasing transaction of a residential premises, an estate agent arranged for the head tenant to sublet the property to another party, arranging for both parties to sign a tenancy agreement. However, the agent had not ascertained whether there was any restriction on subletting, and whether the head tenant had obtained the consent of […]

Declare all interests


A client engaged an estate agent to list her property. The agent found a buyer and negotiated a selling price between both parties. When the provisional agreement for sale and purchase was about to be signed, the agent informed the client that the purchaser had authorized a representative to sign the document and to deliver […]

Haunting questions


A client was interested in buying a residential property and asked his estate agent twice whether any death incident had occurred in the property or if was haunted. The estate agent replied that there was no such problem with the property. After completing the transaction, the client found a news article reporting that a man […]

Do your homework


Mortgage information should be obtained before buying a home. A real estate agent introduced a flat with a lease to a purchaser. The buyer already owned a mortgaged flat, but he wanted to buy another unit as an investment. After both parties agreed on the price, the agent arranged for them to enter into a […]

Get it down in writing


An estate agent promised a prospective purchaser verbally that he would give her a cash rebate equivalent to half of his commission when persuading her to buy a unit of a new residential development. After buying a unit through this estate agent, the purchaser asked the agent to set out the rebate arrangement in writing […]