Do your homework


Mortgage information should be obtained before buying a home. A real estate agent introduced a flat with a lease to a purchaser. The buyer already owned a mortgaged flat, but he wanted to buy another unit as an investment. After both parties agreed on the price, the agent arranged for them to enter into a […]

Get it down in writing


An estate agent promised a prospective purchaser verbally that he would give her a cash rebate equivalent to half of his commission when persuading her to buy a unit of a new residential development. After buying a unit through this estate agent, the purchaser asked the agent to set out the rebate arrangement in writing […]

Always fill in the blanks


A prospective purchaser appointed an estate agent to buy a flat. The agent told the purchaser that the flat she intended to buy was very highly sought-after and persuaded her to sign a provisional agreement for sale and purchase, or PASP, in order to express to the owner her sincere interest in buying. In the […]

Look before you leap


An estate agent placed in his shop window an advertisement of a property for rent, saying that it is “suitable for commercial and residential use”. Attracted by the advertisement, a prospective tenant asked the estate agent for an inspection of the property. During the inspection arranged by the estate agent, the client found that the […]