Not advisable to pay straight to seller


estate agents should advise their purchaser clients of the possible risks in payment of deposits directly to the vendor, and recommend the purchaser pay all deposits (both the initial and further deposits) to a firm of solicitors as stakeholders. Otherwise, they may be subject to disciplinary action by the Estate Agents Authority.

New leaflet “Appoint licensed estate agents to deal with the purchase of uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong”


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Agent distorted home’s value


estate agents should not make any misrepresentation to prospective purchasers on valuations of properties or make any promise on mortgage terms. Otherwise, they may be subject to disciplinary action by the Estate Agents Authority.

Article “謹慎購買境外物業” (published in – in Chinese only)


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Mind your language, agents warned


real estate agents have been warned against sending abusive text messages to customers.

Agent wrong on intention for deal


Estate agents who make a misrepresentation to clients in the first-hand sales of residential properties will face disciplinary action by the Estate Agents Authority. Consider this case:

Check for illegal structures


Estate agents must be careful to avoid any misleading information being given to a client about unauthorized building works at a property.

A public seminar titled “Points to Note on Purchasing Properties Situated outside Hong Kong” (conducted in Cantonese) will be held on 10 March 2018


The EAA will organise a public seminar (conducted in Cantonese) on 10 March 2018. Admission is free and all are welcome. Click here to register

Stick to developer’s price list


estate agents should not advertise a residential property at any price, rental or terms different from that instructed by the client concerned.

Agent cannot claim forfeited deposit


Estate agents should maintain high ethical standards and avoid any practice which may bring discredit or disrepute to their trade.