Green achievement of the estate agency trade


Some people might think that estate agents are only concerned about earning a fortune, when in fact many trade members care about society and contribute to the community. In this regard, the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”) actively facilitates and encourages estate agents to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities in recent years.

Over the past few years, the EAA has organised different CSR campaigns for trade members to participate in. The results were all encouraging and showed the positive image of the trade to the public. Last year, we launched an “Estate Agents Energy Saving Award Scheme” (“Scheme”) in April to encourage estate agency shops to reduce their daily electricity consumption. The response from the trade was overwhelming and here I would like to show my appreciation to all participants.

Over 900 estate agency shops enrolled in the Scheme and in the end over 250,000 units of electricity were saved. Some 387 of the participating shops which fulfilled the requirements of the Scheme were awarded as an “Energy Saving Shop”. Amongst all the awardees, the estate agency shop with the best performance saved more than 40% of electricity usage.

To share the encouraging results with the public and the estate agency trade, the EAA organised an online award presentation ceremony on 22 March 2022 to honour the contribution of the participating and awarded estate agent shops. I watched the online live broadcast of the ceremony and shared the joy of the awardees as well as the overwhelming positive comments from the trade members.

All awarded shops received a certificate and window stickers with the award logo to display in their shops for public recognition. I suggest consumers to give your encouragement to the awarded shops and their staff when you find the award logo in the estate agency shops you visit. For the full list of awardees and the details of the Scheme, please visit

This Scheme is the third EAA CSR campaign for the estate agency trade and I hope the trade will keep up the momentum and passion for contributing to society. The EAA will continue to organise more CSR initiatives for the trade in the future.

Ruby Hon

Chief Executive Officer
Estate Agents Authority