Copy of legal opinion

Different jurisdictions have different regulatory regimes governing property transactions. For the better understanding of the purchasers as to their position as a foreign buyer, licensed property agents are required, with regard to the uncompleted properties situated outside Hong Kong (“UPOH”) offered for sale, to obtain and provide to the purchasers with a written copy of legal opinion issued by a lawyer practicing in the place where the UPOH are situated which include the following material information on:  

  1. whether there is any form of restriction(s) for foreign purchasers to purchase, resell, lease or mortgage such properties according to the laws and regulations of the place where the UPOH are situated; and
  2. if so, the nature of such restriction(s).

The above legal opinion must be issued and provided to the purchasers in either Chinese or English. If the legal opinion is issued in other languages, a translation in either Chinese or English must be provided.