To buy or not to buy off-plan properties outside Hong Kong, assess the risks before you buy!


Purchasing properties situated outside Hong Kong is complicated, especially when purchasing uncompleted ones (“UPOH”) where the risk involved is even higher. Consumers should be extra vigilant and study all relevant information before making a purchase decision, and they should not blindly rely on property advertisements or online information. Before making a purchase decision, consumers should carry out risk assessment, in order to protect their own interests.

To remind consumers to be SMART and to consider the risk aspects first before making a decision on purchasing UPOH, the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”) has created a new slogan:

“To buy or not to buy non-local off-plan properties, assess the risks before you buy!”

The new slogan is easy to remember which will remind consumers to think about and assess the risks before purchasing UPOH. The EAA has also produced a series of animation videos with this new slogan to remind consumers to be SMART in purchasing UPOH. There are four animation videos, which are available on the EAA’s YouTube Channel (

The four animation videos, respectively titled “Guaranteed return – Really guaranteed?”, “Loan-to-value ratio?”, “Where is the deposit?” and “Completed or uncompleted?” reflect some common complaint cases lodged with the EAA by the public.

In the story of “Guaranteed return – Really guaranteed?”, the key character suffered a monetary loss as the guaranteed rental return of the non-local project was not honoured after the purchase and the construction was not completed.

The videos are easy to understand, and I strongly encourage consumers to watch these videos to learn more about the issues they should be aware of before making any decision on purchasing UPOH.

Ruby Hon
Chief Executive Officer
Estate Agents Authority