About Incentives or Rebates

  1. According to the practice circular issued by the EAA on the conduct in the promotional activities of first-hand residential properties, estate agents should set out promises of incentives (including any gifts, discounts or rebates) to prospective buyers in writing. Buyers should take verbal promises of incentives by estate agents cautiously and request the offers be made in writing with clear representation as to whether the package is offered by the developer or by the estate agency.
  2. Rebates or preferential packages offered by an agent may be subject to and conditional upon a number of terms and conditions. For example, estate agent may give out the rebate only upon receipt of commission from developer. Buyers should be well informed about the terms and conditions of a rebate before making their decision on whether to accept it.
  3. Unlike the sale of second-hand residential properties, estate agents handling the sale of first-hand residential properties usually only act for the developer instead of the buyer. Buyers are advised to study more about the developments and related preferential packages in order to safeguard their interests.