Important details to note before entering into a residential tenancy agreement


When selecting a flat to rent, many people may only focus on the amount of rent, location and size of the flat, overlooking some other important details. In order for the public to understand these important details relating to renting of residential properties, the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”) has organised a Facebook live seminar (in Cantonese) on the dos and don’ts regarding renting of residential properties to be held at 3pm on 26 September 2020. All are welcome to watch the live seminar through visiting at the abovementioned time.

Estate Agents Community Service Proposal Competition


The EAA’s Estate Agents Community Service Proposal Competition (“the Competition”) was completed and the result was announced in June 2020. The Competition received a positive response from the estate agency trade as the proposed community services will enable estate agents to give back to their local communities.

Property valuation may fluctuate in an unstable market


The pandemic of COVID-19 has dealt a serious blow to the economy of Hong Kong and its property transactions. An unstable market situation and the decline in the number of transactions have also led to fluctuation of property prices. Prospective buyers should note that banks may tighten their mortgage approval criteria and they may not be able to obtain sufficient mortgage loans to complete their purchase due to a shrink in their property valuation.

Be careful and be caring during the epidemic


The outbreak of COVID-19 in the community has brought adverse impact to the Hong Kong society and economy in multiple aspects. The Hong Kong property market and the estate agency industry are inevitably affected.

EAA’s review and outlook


First of all, may I wish our readers all the best for the Year of the Rat. Stepping into the New Year, it is time for us to review the past and plan for the future. Here, I would like to share some of our findings with you.

Pay attention to mortgage information


In October, the Chief Executive announced revisions of the Mortgage Insurance Programme of HKMC Insurance Limited in the 2019 Policy Address. This led to a wide discussion in the community and rekindled some members of the public’s hope to own a property as mortgage financing is one of the most important concerns for many prospective purchasers.

Be alert when renting or purchasing properties with alteration works


To fully utilise every inch of space in a property, some people may carry out alteration and addition (“A&A”) works to their properties. However, purchasing or renting properties with A&A works may have potential risks or legal liabilities. It may also affect the property’s valuation or a purchaser’s application for mortgage loans.

Be vigilant and stakehold all deposits at a firm of solicitors


In a recent media report, an estate agent took the cash deposit from the property purchaser for himself and did not pass the money to the vendor. The incident has tarnished the reputation of the estate agency trade and many trade representatives also shared the same view. Here I would like to remind property purchasers, particularly the inexperienced ones, to be vigilant when paying their deposits and avoid paying them in cash directly to any parties including estate agents or even the vendors. Instead, the deposits should be paid to a firm of solicitors as stakeholder until completion of the transaction.

Appoint a professional estate agent with “5A” qualities


What comes first to your mind when you hear the term “5A”? Excellent results in a public examination? Top-graded beef you crave for? Or anything related to quality? Earlier, you may have seen some outdoor advertisements showing a cartoon estate agent on buses, bus shelters, trams and even online platforms. This cartoon is in fact our “spokesperson” for a “5A” estate agent.

Be aware of the risks when purchasing non-local properties


locations are different from Hong Kong, consumers must be aware of the possible risks involved in purchasing properties outside Hong Kong (especially uncompleted ones) in order to protect themselves from loss. In this regard, the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”) will organise a public seminar in Cantonese titled “Know the risk when purchasing properties situated outside Hong Kong” on 30 March, to introduce to consumers the important points-to-note when purchasing non-local properties. All are welcome to attend and please register at this website: