About Estate Agency Agreement

4. Do I, as a landlord, property owner, prospective buyer or prospective tenant of a residential property, have to sign an estate agency agreement?
5. Does the law have any provisions as regards the validity period of the appointment of an agent? Can it be shorter than three months? As a purchaser, if I am not satisfied with the service of Estate Agent A, can I unilaterally shorten the validity period and purchase the property which was introduced to me by Estate Agent A through another estate agency?
6. I am planning to sell a property and earlier appointed an estate agency as the exclusive agency to help me sell it. However, I would now like to appoint another agency. Can I cancel my earlier appointment?
7. If I view a property through Estate Agent A and enter into an estate agency agreement with him, but then purchase the property from the landlord direct, do I have to pay commission to the agent?
8. If I appoint an estate agency as the exclusive agency to sell my property, but eventually sell the property to my neighbour direct, do I need to pay commission to the estate agency?
9. I am planning to purchase a residential property through an estate agent. Before I enter into a provisional agreement for sale and purchase with the landlord, what documents or information should the agent provide me with?