About Property Advertisements

16. Does an estate agent need to clearly state that it is “saleable area” in the advertisement when he provides the saleable area of a residential property in the advertisement?
According to the relevant Practice Circular (No. 12-02 (CR)), if the floor area information of a property is included in an advertisement and the saleable area of the property can be obtained from either the Rating and Valuation Department or the agreement for sale and purchase of the first assignment of the property registered in the Land Registry, then estate agents are required to provide the saleable area of the property in the advertisement. Estate agents must also clearly state in the advertisement that the floor area provided is the saleable area of the property in order to avoid any misunderstanding.
17. If my residential property has been rented or sold, can the estate agency still issue the advertisement of the related property?
According to section 9(3) of the Estate Agents Practice (General Duties and Hong Kong Residential Properties) Regulation, estate agent shall remove all advertisements issued or caused to be issued by him as soon as is practicable after the residential property concerned is no longer available for sale or purchase or leasing; or the termination of the estate agency agreement concerned (whichever is the earlier).